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If you’re suffering from physical ailments or chronic medical conditions a whole food, plant-based diet may be right for you. It’s been proven to lower the risk of and in some cases cure heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

If you’re short on time or just want to eat delicious, nutrient-dense ready to eat meals, Trifecta is the best solution. The meals require no cooking or prep time, arrive in vacuum sealed ready to eat packages, and in a flash frozen state.

All meals prepared by Trifecta (including vegan & vegetarian meals) are Organic, Non-GMO, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, macro & micronutrient balanced and can be delivered ready to eat right to your door step.

FREE Delivery to all 50 states in the U.S.

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Organic Natural Supplements - 3natural Bionutrition

Organic Natural Supplements

Finally, there is something for everybody and for every goal. Through intense research combined with member feedback, 3natural Bionutrition has developed a select list of ORGANIC NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS to help you optimize your nutrition, performance and life naturally.

100% All-Natural nutritional supplements. This means that all products are Organic, Non-GMO with NO fillers or hidden ingredients. None of the nutritional supplements are listed on any Banned Substances Lists.

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Personalized Nutrition Planning- 3natural Bionutrition

Personalized Nutrition Planning

Take the guesswork out of meal planning. Let us do the work. Control and monitor your nutrition with a personalized nutrition plan for all types of eating habits and dietary restrictions.

Get access to nutritious meal plan(s) that will help you meet your goals.

Under the guidance of a certified nutritionist you’ll raise your metabolism, sleep better, have more energy and reach your goals.

You’ll Feel the Difference


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Ensure your health & fitness are moving in the right direction with performance and health testing, that in less than 30 minutes:

  • Provides your muscle mass, muscle quality, bone density, body symmetry and fat (body & visceral) readings for your entire body
  • Determines you maximal oxygen uptake to establish your aerobic endurance, cardiovascular fitness and performance capacity prior to or during the course of training
  • Checks your fat burning efficiency
  • Creates a 3-D model that gives you the most accurate visual analysis of our body possible including measurements, posture and Body Shape Rating (BSR)
  • Provides your muscle quality and fat readings for your entire body as well as 26 muscle groups
We will use these values as a valuable tool to measure your progress, regularly refine your nutrition program and in turn improve these diagnostic values so that you can exceed your expectations in record time.
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Online Natural Nutrition Services

Do you want to:

1) Gain more lean muscle

2) Reduce body fat

3) Increase your metabolism

4) Have more energy

5) Lose weight

6) Perform at a higher level

7) Feel better ???

If so let 3natural Bionutrition ensure your health and fitness are moving in the right direction from the comfort and convenience of your home anywhere in the world you live. All-natural nutrition at your fingertips.

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Nutrition Coaching - 3natural Bionutrition

Nutritional Coaching

Get insurance for your nutritional health. With our nutritional coaching program, we help ensure you’re on track and making progress toward reaching your goal(s). We will chart an all-natural custom route for you to optimize your nutrition, performance, health and life. Along the way we will measure your progress and regularly refine your nutrition program so that you can exceed your expectations in record time.

You’ll always know what’s the next step. We will continue to navigate the course for you, monitor your progress and support you until you reach your goals.

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TRICARE West Healthcare Alliance

TRICARE Plan Cost Breakdown

Your health care costs are different based on who you are and your health plan option.

In some cases, you may have to pay a portion of the cost for a health service in the form of a cost-share or co-payment.

Are You Ready to Start a Diabetes Care Program? Find out by taking our FREE Online Readiness Assessment.

For plan costs, use the TRICARE Compare Cost Tool.

Contact your insurance provider or wellness coordinator for information on coverage options.

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recipes from 3natural Bionutrition


Take the guesswork out of cooking with original healthy recipes for all types of eating habits and dietary restrictions.

Recipes include meals for Families, Kids, Keto-Adapters, Vegans, Vegetarians, Balanced Carb Lifestyles, Active Carb Lifestyles and more.

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Kelly Cohee Mobile Reiki - Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki and Hypno Therapy

Kelly Cohee, MS, CRMT, CH -Usui/Holy Fire ® III Karuna ® Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner/Hypnotherapist

Available On Demand

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Glyphosate Check: Home Collection Test Kit - 3natural Bionutrition

Glyphosate Check: Home Collection Test Kit

Test your exposure to glyphosate, the most widely used weed killing chemical on farms, lawns, schoolyards and golf courses.

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Team and Event Solutions - 3natural Bionutrition

Team and Event Solutions

Allow 3natural Bionutrition to take the guesswork out of ensuring that your team or organization’s performance, training, recovery and diet are moving in the right direction with our personalized team and event solutions.

Includes pre-game, post-game and in-game nutrition programs and services.

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CHEF iQ Multi-Functional Wi-Fi enabled Smart Cooker.

Smart Cooker

  • Smart Pressure Cooker – Pressure cook, slow cook, steam, and more in an instant
  • The Chef iO App – Pair via WiFi to access 100+ Guided Cooking recipes & 1000+ cooking presets
  • 300+ Cooking Presets – Built into the Smart Cooker for easier one-touch cooking
  • Auto Pressure Release – Programmed with 3 automatic pressure release methods
  • Built-In Scale  – With with cook by weight functionality
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ONE23 Performance Nutrition Program eBook & AudioBook

eBook & AudioBook

a structured performance nutrition program created with a smooth balanced layout letting you effortlessly navigate thru the program conveniently to obtain results in less than 30 days.


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3 Big Wheels | Athlete Branding + Marketing

3 Big Wheels | Athlete Branding + Marketing

We can help high school athletes,their parents, and college athletes learn about NIL and help prep to leverage your name, image, and likeness to make money and achieve brand
name recognition. Locally. Regionally. Nationally

We believe there is opportunity for all athletes to be able to capitalize on their NIL. There are plenty of companies of all sizes that would enjoy working with athletes. If you have the athletic talent, we can help you build your personal brand off the field.

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Exclusive NFTs to commemorate your healthy lifestyle with 3natural Bionutrition. Unlock EXCLUSIVE content in select 3natural Bionutrition© NFTs for a limited time.

Nutrition | Sports | Performance | Lifestyle

Performance + Nutrition = Success

“All-Natural Nutrition for Life”

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Food Sensitivity Tests

Food Sensitivity Test: Home Collection Test Kit

Learn How Your Body Responds to Different Foods with the Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test

This at-home test measures your body’s immune response to foods to help guide you on what types of food may be the best to choose for an elimination diet.

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