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Taking Charge Of Your Health


How to Be a Successful Independent Advocate for Your Nutrition, Health, and Well-Being

Taking Charge of Your Health
by Cheryl Conklin

Being your own advocate when it comes to health and taking charge of your health is essential in today’s world. You need to be proactive and knowledgeable about your healthcare decisions in order to make the best choices for yourself. That’s why 3natural Bionutrition has put together some tips on how you can become an advocate for your own health.

Promote Preventative Services

Taking Charge of Your Health

Being a proactive advocate for your physical and mental health is essential to maintaining overall wellness. Prioritizing preventative measures such as routine check-ups, blood tests, and therapy sessions can alert you to any possible concerns before they escalate into more serious health problems. By consistently advocating for yourself and making these services a priority, you are taking a vital step in maintaining and improving your overall health and well-being.

Make Healthier Decisions

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Another way to ensure that you are taking charge of your own health is by opting for healthier choices and resources such as drinking more water, eating healthier snacks, and exercising regularly. Eating a balanced diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables will keep you energized throughout the day while also providing essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for maintaining good physical health. Additionally, exercising regularly helps release endorphins which can improve one’s mood while providing other benefits such as improved muscle strength and increased stamina.

Personal Health Information (PHI)

Taking Charge of Your Health

Keeping or obtaining accurate and detailed personal health information records is crucial. Especially in case of any future issues, complications, or desires for external opinions and/or treatments. Ensure that all of your PHI is securely stored either digitally or physically and that you have access to your PHI at will. Make sure you get copies of all your health screening data, test data, medication history, body composition data, etc. And that you take advantage of various HIPAA-compliant resources and technologies that support positive health outcomes in conjunction with a HIPAA-compliant nutrition professional like a nutritionist, for example.

Learn for Yourself

Taking Charge of Your Health

Education plays a crucial role in making informed decisions regarding one’s health. It’s in your best interest to consider natural forms of treatments and supplementation first and foremost. Learning about potential side effects and alternative methods like natural remedies are beneficial and allows you to have all the information needed available to make the best decision for yourself, your family, or your friends.

Express Your Concerns

When attending doctor appointments it is important to speak up about any concerns or questions that may arise during the visit so that these can be addressed in a timely manner. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if there is something that doesn’t seem right or if there is something you don’t understand fully — this shows that you are taking charge of your own healthcare decisions and advocating for yourself. Additionally, being vocal with loved ones who may not understand the importance of preventative services can help ensure they receive proper care as well.

Asking questions during doctor appointments is crucial for making informed decisions about one’s healthcare plan. This practice fosters trust between patient and doctor, reassuring patients that decisions are made with care. Patients can ask about alternatives and their risks, as well as inquire about the consequences of treatments, giving them a better understanding of their health status.

Participate in Decision-Making

Becoming involved in the decision-making process whenever possible is an effective way to become an advocate for one’s health. By doing so, all possibilities related to treatment options can be considered thoroughly before making a final decision. Being proactive and informed will empower anyone that feels overwhelmed when navigating through the healthcare journey alone.

Taking Charge of Your Health

Taking charge of your own health can be a challenging task, but the rewards are well worth it. Knowledge, patience, dedication, and persistence are all necessary qualities to become an advocate for your own health. With time, effort, and consistency, you can achieve lasting results and improve your overall quality of life. By enlisting the help of a nutritionist you can conveniently educate yourself, make healthier choices, and keep detailed records so you can take control of your health, quality of life, and well-being, in the face of external circumstances.

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