Thoughtful Eating: How we can mindfully commit to better nutrition with Trey Triplette

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Huddol Lifecast – Thoughtful Eating: How we can mindfully commit to better nutrition with 3natural Bionutrition

Food is more than a choice or a habit. It’s our lifestyle, our social choices, our culture – changing our food habits means understanding what is influencing our choices.

Check out the latest Huddol Lifecast titled ” Thoughtful eating: How we can mindfully commit to better nutrition” featuring 3natural Bionutrition’s Certified Performance Nutritionist Trey Triplette where he talks about how we can cultivate a lifestyle and mindset that fosters better eating habits.

Successfully working with clients has led to discovering what influences pathways to successful habit change around eating patterns.

Also discussed is the intersection between life and eating as well as clear information about diet trends and the essentials of positive nutrition.



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